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The kick'n TCP/IP diagnostic toolkit
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Download IPJudo 60-Day Trial
IPJudo 1.4a build 2585

Free Trial: IPJudo is shareware. Download IPJudo and give it a try for a couple of weeks (see the two download options below). All features are enabled for your evaluation. To keep using IPJudo after the trial period, just purchase a license key.

IPJudo FULL Install
install-ipjudo.exe (5.69 MB)   Install
1) Full-Install (Recommended): Click on the install-ipjudo.exe to download the IPJudo installer. Save onto your computer and run to install IPJudo. You must run with a user account that has 'Administrator' privileges in order to successfully install files into the 'Program Files' folder on your computer. If you can not run as an Administrator, refer the 'Zero Install' option below.

IPJudo ZERO Install
ipjudo.exe (4.64 MB)   IPJudo
2) Zero-Install: Download ipjudo.exe, save to your Desktop (or USB drive), and run. There is no need to install anything. Great for ad-hoc diagnostics, or where running the full install above under a user account with 'Administrator' privileges is not possible.

Trial Requirements: (1) Windows XP SP2, Vista, or Windows 2003 is recommended. Otherwise, Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, or Windows ME may be used, but with some limited functionality. (2) Sun's Java Runtime Environment 1.5 (or later; automatically installed if not present). (3) Internet access. (4) Some features require 'Administrator' privileges to function properly.

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